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Raised on the Waianae Coast in Hawaii, CJ learned from an early age his passion for nature by playing in the surf exploring the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. After visiting the Kilauea Volcano as a child he was deeply moved by its dynamic nature and beauty.

After graduating from New york institute of Photography, CJ moved to the Big Island of Hawaii where his passion for nature photography grew. Here he became the first person in history to photograph lava entering the ocean from the surf. To do this, CJ risked his life, entering the near scalding surf and avoiding lava bombs feet from the lava's entry point into the ocean to capture some of the most unique photographs ever taken.

"There is no other place in the world that you can photography within feet of where you stood the day before and capture such dramatically different images. Each volcano photo I capture is truly a unique moment in time never to be captured the same again."

Deemed a "daredevil photographer", in 2011 CJ feel into a lava tube 20ft while shooting the Kilauea Volcano and shattered his ankle. Even this was not enough to deter CJ, as only a few months later we was back in the surf and lava fields doing what he does best.

CJ's photography has been featured in new articles worldwide such as Natures best, National Geographic, Professional Photography Monthly, Surfer Magazine, UK Daily Mail, New York times, BBC, Ocean views, and One World One Ocean, and has won numerous awards and has even had his work displayed in the Smithsonian Museum.

He now lives in Kailua Kona with his wife and two children and runs the Lava Light Gallery with his best friend and fellow photographer Nick Selway. To meet CJ simply stop by the gallery! He loves meeting his customers face to face and will gladly share with you his passion for photography and Hawaii.


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