A Big Day For Lava Light Galleries

Do you recall these two young guys? They had just graduated from a street kiosk, where they sold prints in the evening hours near Bubba Gumps, to this place…the old Sloan Gallery on Alii Drive. CJ Kale and Nick Selway turned that small space into a terrific gallery…their first real gallery. That was over a decade ago. Nick has now moved to Breckenridge, Colorado to run his own gallery. CJ teamed up with Don and Linda Hurzeler to continue the Lava Light Galleries brand. Our beautiful (sorry for the lack of modesty…but we love the place) gallery in the Queens Market Place at Waikoloa continues to thrive. We have plans to do lots of interesting things in the future. But, the time to close our small gallery on Alii Drive arrived today. We will be putting our efforts toward making the Waikoloa gallery better each year…and we plan to be there for years to come. Thank you for your support that helped us be successful for oh so long on Alii Drive…and for the past six years and counting in Waikoloa…and online. Mahalo.