Our Current Situation During the Corona Virus Lockdown

Our Waikoloa Lava Light Gallery is closed until the local government tells us we can re-open…and then we will also evaluate (as best we can) the safety of our employees, our customers and an ourselves, before we actually re-open.  However, we WILL re-open when the time is right…looking forward to that day.  We built a proper business for ourselves and prepared financially for days like these and we will be just fine.  That said…none of us can say for certain what any of our futures hold.  We are planning for a good outcome and will adjust as needed.

In the meantime, our online business has been busier than usual…not dramatically better…but some better.  We are appreciative for that business.  During this coming week we will put together an offer to make it easier for you to bring Hawaii to you…since it is about impossible for you to come to Hawaii at the moment.  More to come.

We miss you…not just your business…we miss YOU.  Your visits with us in our gallery give us a chance to show off our latest photos, tell you our ever changing stories about how we got those photos, renew friendships and give us a chance to hear what you have been up to.  Don’t get me wrong…we love to make a sale or two along the way, but the gallery business is a personal one and our customers are Ohana (extended family) to us.  We miss you.

Wishing you and yours and us and ours the very best of health and health outcomes in the days ahead.  Aloha.


C.J. and Amanda Kale and Don and Linda Hurzeler