Never Mind…The Brief September 2023 Eruption has ended

CJ Kale and I went out for an early morning mission to the caldera on Saturday September 16. We arrived at about 4am and found that the five active spatter cones on the caldera floor were now just one active spatter cone. We shot until sunup…and noticed the height and intensity of the fountaining was decreasing remarkably. We left at sunup…the attached photo is the last one I took. Very little fountaining was happening…and we were sure it would pause or quit soon. It did.

As of today, September 18…the eruption is considered over. Stay tuned…it will build up pressure…more earthquakes will happen and the fun will begin all over again. We will let you know then that happens.

Meantime, our blue skies have returned and Hawaii is in the slow part of the year. However, the Ironman is starting to bring people to the island and October marks the beginning of the busy season for us. Lots to look forward to…bigger surf, snow on the the Maunas, humpback whales returning in November or December and the likelihood of yet another eruption some time soon.


Don Hurzeler for CJ, Linda and Lava Light Galleries, Inc.

The September 2023 Halema’uma’u Eruption

The Kilauea volcano is erupting within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. All the action is within the crater. CJ and I went out last night and it was quite a sight.

The eruption is along a rift in the caldera floor. There are about five splatter cones fountaining lava. The night we were there they were shooting lava into the air maybe 90 feet…with the splatter cones already built up to about 60 feet. They were producing a huge amount of molten material.

Best viewing was from the Kilauea Overlook. The mile long hike out road on Crater Rim Road was shut down due to gas and airborne material covering the viewing area on that side. Also…that side will be looking into the back of the splatter cones.

I noticed that the eruption was a bit less vigorous this morning. If you are headed out there, check with me and I will give you latest conditions and best views. Call Don Hurzeler at 8089388383…Hawaii time zone.


Don Hurzeler for Lava Light Galleries, Inc.