Mauna Loa Eruption Update #4…Could be a pause. Could be going out.

Writing this at 5pm Hawaii time on Friday December 9, 2022. It appears to me that the eruption is greatly diminished. It may be going on a pause or it may be going out. Could breakout in a new area, no way of knowing at the moment. There is still some lava at Fissure #3, but the volume is way down. I am going out at 3am tomorrow to get a better look at the situation.

Meantime, C.J. did a great job on CNN. Take a look at the link and you will get a good idea as to how we get the shots…it is not all pretty.

We will be putting up a Mauna Loa Eruption gallery on this site today or tomorrow. We are also trying to get some prints rushed into the gallery. Kind of a crazy time for us and the gallery…but we are loving it. Aloha to all.

Don Hurzeler for C.J. Kale, Linda Hurzeler and the Lava Light Galleries, Inc.

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