Are You Don?

CJ and his buddy, Nick, founded this gallery.  My wife, Linda and I, were basically students of the founders and graduated to partners after a long period of apprenticeship.  Happy to say, we can now hold up our end when it comes to photography.  Nick is off on his own venture in Colorado and CJ, Linda and I get to offer our images up for your consideration.  We love it.

When Covid does not have us locked down, we advertise extensively on local radio.  So, every now and again, someone comes in…walks up to the old guy (that would be me) and asks “Are you Don?”  My answer is always the same “I’m what’s left of Don”.  At 73…the statement is more true than I would care to think about.

I’ve been a writer almost my entire life…one liners for comedians, speeches, columns, articles and books…a half dozen books of my own and many more in association with other authors.  I’ve had such a crazy life that I wanted to share it…so I wrote a book about my adventures…and gave it the title What’s Left of Don.  It came out in July and was at the top of the Amazon list of top new releases.  Just this week, it hit number one best seller on Amazon.  Truth in telling…Amazon rates things in categories and I am at the top of the category they put me in…and a win is a win.  I am a happy camper.

So, it is on Amazon and Kindle.  It is full of humor, danger, adventure and just plain insanity.  I wrote it during the pandemic and found it impossible to get anyone to review it…the New York Times critics admitted that they were just throwing away submissions.  So, I wrote the reviews myself and they are glowing.  There is even a review by Mahatma Gandhi and he has not endorsed a book since his death in 1948!

CJ is often the star of my stories.  Lots of lava stories…shark and croc stories…and inside gossip on some of the top celebrities I’ve hung around with in my life…like Little Oscar and his Weiner Mobile…just to drop a big name right off the bat.

Pick up a copy when you can.  What’s Left of Don by Don Hurzeler on or Kindle…or in our gallery.  I promise you it will have you laughing and give you an insight into how we get the images we get…and it is not always pretty.  One of the chapters has the title Turd Drops Three Stories into Circle of Friends….that right there should tell you this is not your average book.

Book coverer photo by CJ Kale on the very first day we met him…and the very first time we hiked out with CJ and Nick to the very active lava field.  Additional details are at