With very little warning, Kilauea erupted a couple days ago…big time.  All of the action is inside of Halema’uma’u.  It started with three fissures opening inside the crater and poured out enough lava to evaporate the sizable acidy lake at the bottom of the crater in just about no time, fill it in with lava that is now over 500 feet deep and something like 70 acres of surface area…and the initial activity threw up a plume some five miles high.  We are pretty excited.

There is no lava running on the surface…to hike out to…anywhere on the island…yet.  You can not see the lake from any of the viewing areas…but you can see the glow as in the photos from several spots…safe spots for viewing.  It is quite a show.

Two downsides…the crowds have been unbelievable.  Stop in the gallery if you are on island and CJ, Linda or I will help you put together a plan for minimizing the crowd problem…we have it figured out.  Two nights ago, the line of cars trying to park at the Kilauea Overlook stretched all the way to the park entrance.  The Jagger Overlook area remains closed due to 2018 damage.  Other viewing spots include the area around the steaming vents, the area behind the still closed Volcano House and the area overlooking Kilauea Iki.  Hiking out to look straight down into the crater…don’t…illegal and too darn dangerous at the moment…not worth it.

The second downside is that the vog is back…sorry…no more beautiful blue skies for the moment.

No telling how long this event will last…but it is a good one at the moment.  We hope you get to see it.

On the photo above, I caught the vent and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn…dots of white in the blue sky area on the top right corner of the photo.  Not the big spectacle you might hope to see with a huge telephoto, but something unique that I may never get to see in a life time…a conjunction right next to an erupting volcano.  The other photo was taken last night at Kilauea Iki.

Happy holidays.  If you are coming to the island and want some up to date info, call me anytime at 808 9388383, remembering that Hawaii time is probably several hours earlier than your location.  If you have lived here, you know why I mention that.  One of my favorite neighbors from our old neighborhood in the Chicago area called me one morning.  He said “Don, you don’t sound your normal cheery self.”  He was right about that…it was 8 am in Chicago, but 3am here.  I was not cheery.

But I am cheery this holiday season…and sure hope to see you soon.  Aloha to all and thanks for your support even during these trying times.


From Don Hurzeler for all of us at Lava Light Galleries, Inc.






Update on the Gallery in Waikoloa…Open and Ready for Business

Still lots of unknowns and barriers to travel here in Hawaii.  However, we are seeing more and more visitors each day…thankfully.  Covid number on this island have been quite low recently.  Businesses are starting to open up a bit…with quite a few still closed and a number that will never re-open…done in by the pandemic.

Whale season is off to a slow start.  I’ve spotted a few and we did have an estimated 150 sperm whales roll through recently.  My wife and I have been lucky enough to get in with two different whale sharks off Kona in the past month or so…life is good.  Water is warm and weather has been great.

We are open seven days a week.  Our core hours at the moment are 10-5, but they will lengthen out as we get closer to year end.  We hope to be back to standard hours soon.  If you find us closed and want more info, call me (Don)  at 808 9388383 and I will let you know how soon we can be in the gallery.

Got to say…we miss our regular customers.  However, “normal” has to return someday and we plan to be here when it does.

Happy holidays to one and all…and Aloha.