April 2021 Hawaii Update…Gallery is Open and Doing Well

We have now been open each day since October 1, 2020….thankfully.  Business has been good.

Hawaii is open for visitors, but still under considerable restrictions.  We notice a lot more visitors here now, but still WAY under what we would normally see.  And just about now is the time each year when tourism slows and things get a little quiet until summer.

Most businesses are open, but many have restricted hours.  These things change day to day, so check ahead.  Check also on rental car availability…was a problem for a while and may still be.  There seems to be adequate hotel room space.

Of note…the volcano is still erupting.  The lava lake is huge…about 750 feet deep and covers 109 acres.  It is crusted over in most places, but still provides a nice glow at night.  The Milky Way is showing up above the crater in the early morning sky. We have been spending a lot of time out there doing our photography.  This is the beginning of Milky Way season in Hawaii…peaking in June through September.

There is currently no running lava on the surface anywhere.  You still can not view the actual lava in the caldera from any of the safe, legal or easily accessible viewing areas…but we should be able to do so soon.

There has been very little VOG…smog with lava particles in it.  VOG is a side effect of an eruption and, happily, it has been minor so far.  Blue skies abound.

The weather has been great.  The ocean is warm and exceptionally clear.  Lots of marine life around…CJ and I swam with about 20 mantas yesterday.  Linda and I have been out with dolphin several times a week for months.  The big waves have settled down and the whales are mostly gone for the season, with some sperm whales and other species well off shore.

The Governor announced an Interisland Covid passport program to be launched by mid May, making it much easier to travel from island to island.  This is brand new so make sure you check up on it before any trip.  Right now, the covid tests and paperwork routine is still in place, but working fairly smoothly.  Lots of us on the island have had our two shots with more getting vaccinated each day.  Yesterdays new covid case count was one new case.

Our current gallery hours are 11 to 7 seven days a week.  You can call us if you need to come in earlier or later and we will do our best to be there for you.  After all this pandemic stuff…we are exceptionally happy to see our customers…returning or new.  My mobile number is 808 9388383…Don Hurzeler…call if you want to check on hours or set up an appointment…otherwise, please just drop in to say hello.

Very recent photos of the volcano, Milky Way and a manta.  CJ has been killing it on moon bows.  Linda has been killing it with dolphin photos.  Lots of new stuff to show you.



Don Hurzeler for CJ and Linda and the Lava Light Galleries, Inc.