CJ Travels 144 Miles Downstream by Row Boat in Alaska Because Upstream Would be Too Hard

CJ and our buddy, Gary Walthers, went on a completely remote river trip in 2019…down the Alask and Tatshenshini Rivers on the Momentum River Expedition. Gary is a First Nation citizen living in Canada…with a background as an elite skier, BMX biker and automobile dealership owner. Gary is, in my estimation, a wisdom warrior…and is working on a book about the ways of a wisdom warrior. He has been battling a physical condition that is quite serious…but never seems to slow him down. I have been delighted to see him out in the surf with us…way out on the active lava field and now rowing with CJ down a river so remote that I had never heard of it. They traveled 144 miles, camped along the river, took photos along the way and enjoyed nature in a way that few ever experience. Gary is a stud and he is a great consultant to us on our gallery and an even better friend.

For reasons that escape me at the moment, CJ felt it was a good idea to get up early and take photos at sunrise in an area that was probably filled with bears and other things that might eat you, sporting a pocket knife for protection. Attached are a few of those photos. Even odder…he felt it was a great idea to hop in the water and swim out to a small iceberg…like a long ways out and back. Photo proof attached.

Glad they both made it back safe and sound. Aloha.

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