June 2021 Update

Things are returning toward normal on the Big Island and at our gallery.  Most businesses have re-opened.  The hours of operation are returning to near normal…right now we are open 10 am to 8 pm seven days a week…earlier or later on occasion or by appointment.  Rental cars are still scarce…so book early.  Boat trips…such as dolphin excursions and manta dives…are booking up, so again…book early.  Masks are still required indoors.  Covid rates of infection are quite low, but we still see a few new infections on the island each day.  Not sure how many of the residence on the island have been vaccinated, but I believe it is over 60%.

CJ, Linda and I just travelled off island and back…and it was simple and the covid process was quick.  However…that is for returning residence.  Check the protocols for visitors. I believe that tests are still required and that the process is still kind of aggravating…but officials have gotten better at the process and it should work ok for you in your travels.

Island conditions are near perfect.  We had an eruption going, but it has gone quiet for the time being…we miss seeing the lava glow, but are enjoying the blue skies.  A number of minor earthquakes centered near the National Park…makes us think there will be more lava activity ahead.  The ocean is clear, warm and the surf is small for the summer.  It is a great time to be on the Big Island.

If we can help you in any way…give us a call or drop us a note.  You can reach Don Hurzeler at 808 9388383.




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