Mid January 2021 Update on the Gallery and the Eruption

Our Lava Light Gallery at the Queens MarketPlace, Waikoloa is open seven days a week now…from 11 am until 7 pm and earlier or later by appointment.  We are doing quite well, even with limited tourist traffic on the island…and we are all healthy.  Come see us if you are “on island” anytime soon.

The eruption of Kilauea continues.  The lava lake is huge…nearly 700 feet deep and covering some 80 acres.  The actual lava is not visible from any place safe or legal…but the beautiful glow of the lava after dark shows up nicely from all the regular locations.  The Jagger Overlook remains closed due to earthquake damage.

Talking to a Ranger from the Park the other night and she said the geologists thought that the lava lake might become visible to all of us from the normal locations as early as March 2021.  That would be amazing and we hope it happens.  Still no running lava on the ground anywhere on the island.  Aloha.




2 thoughts on “Mid January 2021 Update on the Gallery and the Eruption

  1. We missed our annual February visit to the Big Island. Grateful to have been in your gallery and my having picked up a couple of your books. Your pictures are making me sentimental for the islands. My brain latently kept “photography” in action and I’ve joined a wonderful photography group! Looking forward to the day when we can return and take super photos and more memories on the Big Island ❤️.

    1. Well…it has been pretty quiet here for sometime due to the covid. However, the gallery is stronger than ever, the island is beautiful (except for the current vog from the eruption) and things may get better soon for travelers. We miss you and all the good folks who have not been able to travel our way. Hope to see you soon. Aloha.

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