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C.J. had his plane ride cancelled on him this morning and now goes up Monday…with any luck. He has some amazing photos from the top of Mauna Kea that I will post soon. For now…a couple of shots from C.J. and a couple from Linda.

The odd looking one that is just red and black by Linda was taken about ten minutes after the eruption started…from our driveway! I have to say…that kind of a volcanic sky will get you fully awake almost instantly. It was so bright and looked so close, that I woke up our neighbors…who were then equally horrified. We live on the side of the Hualalai Volcano…it is active, but not erupting. Geologists have told us that we would only have about one hour to evacuate if that volcano goes off…and we were a bit fearful that it had erupted. Fortunately, we found out quickly it was Mauna Loa, which is about 20 miles away and not a threat to our area.

I am hearing that hotels rooms, cars rentals and helicopter reservations are filling up fast here. Linda and I are headed out in few hours to shoot until sunrise. I will update you soon on progress. The eruption is showing some minor slowing and the front is advancing at only 40 yards an hour toward the Saddle Road…still two miles or so away.

I am half way through writing a new book about a terrifying adventure that Linda and I had inside a remote lava tube…and I saw today that lava tube is now under about 30 feet of new lava. For those who have been to the top of Mauna Loa Access Road…that one lane road up to the NOAA station at about 12,000 feet…the flow crossed that road at the steep turn that has the white cell tower structure…the area of a lot of lava tubes. It is completely covered. The Mars simulation structure and the NOAA structure seem to be spared so far, but both are cut off from electricity and the NOAA station can not be reached by car.

Come see this if you can…well worth the trip.


Don Hurzeler for C.J. Kale, Linda Hurzeler and Lava Light Galleries, Inc.

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